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Inventory Check- March


So Inventory check  will be a rather random monthly update of accomplishments, lessons learned and what I am currently into. So lets see how March went by.

I found out changing a light bulb or two can make a whole room look much brighter 💡💡. Thats obvious isn’t it?

There is nothing like a deadline to motivate me to get stuff done and completing a task before due date makes me extra happy.

I am still learning what it means to be consistent– I am making a commitment to strive for evenness in all areas of my life.

Happy-I finally started Blogging

Drinking– cranberry and raspberry juice. This has become my fav fruit juice combination

Eating  Snacking- on dried bananas. I am trying to snack on less chocolate and sweets and dried fruit is a great alternative!

Enjoying– the sun setting later and later. It’s still cold outside, todays high was 11  degrees celsius. But it looks like summer is just around the corner. Who doesn’t love warm weather?

Making-an Exam revision plan.

Reading- Two books actually. i) Finished off (because I started this last year) Authentic Beauty by Leslie Ludy and ii) Intern Blues by Robert Mario.

Listening to i)music Smiles and smiles to go by Larry Carlton-  There is nothing quite like the soothing sounds of jazz 🎷🎺 🎸🎻   ii) Podcast– I have my parents to thank for my love of listening to podcasts by focus on the family/Insight for living/ Family talk/The boundless show et cetera. Growing up I never quite understood the value of listening to Podcasts  but as I started getting older I realised the benefits. Listening to focus on the family has become a weekly routine for me. It offers a wide variety of topics and sound biblical wisdom and guidance. One of the podcasts I listened to in March was Controlling anger so it doesn’t control you. Well I am actually finding it hard to copy the link of the specific podcast. So here is the main website link or alternatively you can search for focus on the family in your iTunes store and happily stream or/and download many episodes. If you have never listened to Focus on the family and you give it a try, I do hope you enjoy listening and find applicable lessons. Do any of you have any other good podcasts you listen to? Please do let me know in the comments section.

Writing– a shopping list. Writing a list keeps me focused, prevents me from forgetting things and getting unnecessary items (those tempting chocolate bars at the check out aisle). By the way it’s a hand written list. I prefer to jot down on paper rather than type in notes on my phone.

Watching– Nothing at the moment. Taking a wee break from tele

Thankful for– my wonderful family- my greatest support system. My friends and the gift of Life.

Sending you lots of love for the month of April and beyond. I also hope you get to accomplish the goals you have set.

Grosses bises,




7 thoughts on “Inventory Check- March

  1. Michelle thank you for this. Isn’t it great how we can learn things from others lives. I love how you do this monthly check. It’s very reflective. Keep doing what you are doing.

    Liked by 1 person

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