Face Mask Standouts

Hello. I hope you are all doing well.

Exfoliating is an important skin regime. Don’t we all like clean, revitalised, glowing skin? How often you exfoliate is entirely up to you. I am no beauty expert but today I just wanted to share with you my two favourite face masks.

  1. The Body Shop- Mineral warming mask. This mask is gold. I like the fact that it warms up on contact with water on your skin. It warms to open pores for a deeper cleansing. It also contains ginger and cinnamon oils to invigorate and algae to purify and condition. The warming feeling is pleasant and leaves my skin feeling extra clean ✨. I use this once a week.
  2. Bentonite healing clay (Aztec secret). I initially bought it to cleanse and detoxify my hair. When I found out that it could also be used as a face mask and read about the benefits boy was I pleased.


Calcium Bentonite clay is 100% natural and it works wonders!


  • It is great for drawing up toxins and impurities from the skin (and if you use it for your hair it does that too, as well as aiding in conditioning and leaves you with soft defined curls)
  • The mask stimulates and improves blood circulation. As the face mask dries, you can feel your skin pulsating (this doesn’t come as a surprise because it states so on the packaging).
  • This tones your skin by reducing your pore size
  • It’s the ultimate exfoliation. Not only does it remove dead cells but the clay unclogs the dirt and oil in your pores that are bound to cause breakouts
  • It can be used to manage or treat acne
  • It can also be used on skin irritations & bug bites too

how to use it:

  • Mix the powder in a plastic or glass bowl (preferably a non metallic bowl)
  • You can use water or organic apple cider vinegar to mix the powder. I prefer the latter (I like the chemical reaction haha…well to be honest a little fizzing reaction does take place) because I find it easier to make the paste and also did you know that apple cider is an antimicrobial agent? It wards off infection. For the win!
  • Lastly, when you wash the mask off your face please do make sure to moisturise your face because it tends to leave your skin a little dry.

I usually use this once a month, but I know people who use it more regularly than I do.

Caution: If you have sentive skin be sure to test the clay on a small part of your body (a less sensitive area) before you try your face.

Shopping Hack: Seldom do I buy products from The Body Shop for the full price. The Body Shop usually has 30% 40% and sometimes 50% discount sales quite often. If you like a bargain like me just hang in there until you get word on upcoming sales. Patience pays.

Grosses Bises,


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