5o Things that make me happy

Hi there. I saw this tag before I started blogging and I still gave it a go, simply because it never does any harm to remember some of the little things that make us happy! So Here is my happy list:

  1. Spending time with my family. They are the best!
  2. Reading the Bible. This is the BEST book ever-Filled with so much wisdom
  3. Sunsets are amazing and beautiful. Need I say more?
  4. Clean dishes…  physically washing dishes and also opening the dishwasher just after the cycle has finished to hot sparkling clean dishes.
  5. My little sister👯👭 she is one of the most thoughtful beings, she has such a big heart. She brings me so much joy. I absolutely love and adore her.
  6. Knowing that Jesus loves me so much He thought I was worth dying for. Forever grateful for His love and mercies. The steadfast love of the LORD which never ceases; His mercies never come to an end and they are new every morning. Great is the Lords faithfulness. Having a solid relationship with Jesus is key.
  7. Dark chocolate 
  8. Sales. A good discount! I recently bought a dress that was marked down from £45 to £26 to £8.99.  Talk about a bargain!
  9. Watching raindrops trickle down my window. I currently live in a rainy🌦☔️ town. Rainy days have made me appreciate the sunshine more.                                      


  10. Messages from my parents ❤️
  11. Any Karen Kingsbury book check this out 
  12. The beach – walking on sandy beaches (bliss)🏖
  13. Celebrating small victories – e.g I finished a crossword puzzle this month after so long 💃🏾
  14. Sweet scented perfume.  A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting- Christian Dior. Haha am not sure I agree with this quote but I found it really cheesy. 
  15. Sleeping on freshly washed and pressed bed sheets. 
  16. KFC chicken wings
  17. My mums and Grandmas baking and cooking.
  18. Fishing with my dad 🎣🎣.
  19. FaceTime/Skype with those closest to my heart
  20. Book shops and the smell of crispy new book pages. Also my little book shelf. Je suis rat de bibliothèque. I am a bookworm!
  21. A hand written letter ✍🏾📝
  22. Black and white photos. (have a look at one of my friends awesome photography skills Instagram & website )
  23. Smelling fresh flowers💐🌹🌷🌺
  24. Thinking about how blessed I am with  rich friendships, accountability, laughs and abundant love. Spending time with my friends melts my little grateful heart like syrup running down the side of a fluffy stack of pancakes.
  25. Completing a task way before deadline
  26. When Arsenal win a football/soccer match…  extra happy when Theo scores ( haha )
  27. Horse riding lessons 🏇 
  28. Newly done hair braids
  29. Spending time with the Children’s ministry at Church (Sunday school). Kids bring so much joy. I love getting big HUGS from them whenever I meet them. 
  30. Jazz- oh how soothing jazz is 🎷🎺🎸🎻.
  31. Writing in my journal..Weekly reflections. Its always nice to read previous entries and see how far I have come, how much I have grown, what I have accomplished and examine areas that still have room for improvement.
  32. Blogging – I don’t have that many posts but best believe I love  writing and sharing!!
  33. Perfectly parking in a spot that is deemed next to impossible. 😎🚗 #Parkinglikeaboss
  34. Face masks. 
  35. Baking
  36. Playing taboo with my friends and family. The game of unspeakable fun. So much fun and laughter.
  37. Losing at FIFA 🎮⚽to my little cousins, honestly my winning percentage is so low. I will stick to losing cause it gives them a chance to have something to be better than me at (lame excuse hey).
  38. Ice cream- Nothing beats ice cream from that little ice cream shop in Cairo Road.
  39. A good James Patterson book- preferably the Alex Cross series. Crime novels anyone??📚
  40. Listening to Focus on the family podcasts 
  41. The few number of days I do not have to set my alarm clock ⏰
  42. Purchasing a gift for someone 🎁
  43. Exercise-just a simple aerobics class 🏋🏼
  44. Eating tasty healthy food. Nshima, chibwabwa, fish and beans =  My ideal yummy meal
  45. When the passenger service agents at the Airport let me travel with an extra 2 or 3 kilos for free. Oh happy days. SMILE BIG and be grateful.
  46. Worship and praise music 
  47. The typical Welsh accent haha it’s not necessarily music to my ears, but hearing the welsh speak tends to bring a smile to my face for some reason. (Disclaimer- I am not weird haha)
  48. Acing a test or an Exam

I came across this quote last week that “If the purpose for learning is to score well on a test, we’ve lost sight of the real reason for learning.”- Jeannie Fulbright 

  1. Fresh Fruit 🍎🍐🍉🍌🍓🍍🍒🍇🍊
  2. Watching  Coca cola adverts online. Give it a try. I have watched adverts from 1956to present day .
  3. Last but not least, seeing other people happy 😀.

This was actually an easy list to compile I have a whole lot more I am just sticking to the 50 challenge. Maybe next time I will come up with 100 different things. Here is a simple challenge for you. Get a pen & piece of paper or your journal and write down 50 things that make you happy and bring a smile to your face. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this. What do you think of my list? Would any of the items make it to your happy list? 

Grosses bises,


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