The search for a Godly Spouse

Hi everyone. In one of my previous posts I mentioned how much I love listening to podcasts on Focus on the Family so today I decided to share the most recent podcasts I listened to. The search for a Godly Spouse Part 1 & Part 2.

I hope you find time in your busy schedules 😉 to listen to this particular series. Filled with lots of encouragement and a good dose of humour (Alistair Begg is funny). Whether single or married you are guaranteed to learn something. Share with your friends and family too.

Qualities of a Godly Spouse

On the Focus on the Family broadcast “The Search for a Godly Spouse I-II,” the Rev. Alistair Begg described the qualities that Christians should look for in a potential spouse (based on 1 Peter 3:1-7). Those qualities are summarized below.

Women should look for a man who:

  • Is committed to growing in his relationship with Jesus Christ;
  • Is an individual of obvious integrity;
  • Can think for himself, make good decisions, and demonstrates   qualities of servant leadership;
  • Can love sacrificially;
  • Can laugh heartily, even at himself;
  • Models genuine humility.

Men should look for a woman who:

  • Has a personal faith and trust in Jesus Christ;
  • Possesses beauty that is deeper than the skin (a gentle spirit);
  • Is an initiative-taker with an attitude of submission;
  • Is trustworthy and builds her husband’s confidence;
  • Displays kindness that touches others;
  • Has a sense of humour.

Remember you  have to work on yourself  too and not just look out for the right potential spouse 🙂

The links to both parts of the series are here: Part 1 & Part 2 each about 29 minutes long.

You can also subscribe to Focus on the Family for free on iTunes and listen to a variety of topics with sound biblical wisdom and guidance. Have a lovely day :).

Grosses Bises,



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