Walking the Cheetahs-Zambia

I love Zambia for a thousand reasons, one of them being the beautiful landscape and wildlife. Being home sweet home with my family tops the list, just incase you are wondering!!

My sister and I visited Chaminuka over the weekend. It makes a perfect day trip, as it is less than an hours drive from Lusaka City Centre.

Chaminuka offers a load of activities. Some of them include: Fishing and boating, bush walks, game drives, horse riding, cheese and wine tasting and the Chaminuka cheetah experience.

We had lunch, marvelled at art, went on a game drive and walked the cheetahs. My sister had wanted to walk the cheetahs for the longest time, so it was pretty cool to finally get the chance to walk them.

The lunch was amazing.  The lasagna was the best I have ever had. That Cheshire cheese, hmmm yum!! Chaminuka also has a cheese factory on site, where all their lovely different types of cheese are produced. Typing this has got me reminiscing and salivating. Unfortunately I didn’t take pictures of the main meal (I was that hungry) but the lunch buffet was worth every ngwee (the Zambian equivalence of a penny).

The open 4-wheel safari drive with game rangers was about an hour and we got to see Warthogs, Lions, Zebras, Antelopes, Elephants, Ostriches, Giraffes and many more animals.

The most memorable activity of the day was the cheetah experience. I walked a cheetah!!! The first couple of minutes I had adrenaline running through my veins despite the fact that the cheetahs are tamed.

Fun facts about a cheetah: It’s the worlds fastest land animal and can accelerate from  0kms/h to a little over 100 kms/h in 3 seconds.

Thank you for reading.

Grosses bises,


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