The Climb – Pen y Fan

This week’s life group social was different as well as exciting. My lovely friends and I climbed Pen y Fan /pɛn.ə.ˈvæn/. Pen y Fan is the highest peak in South Wales, 886meters (2,907 ft). There are several routes up Pen y Fan. We took a rather challenging route on the way up with stunning views that made every gasp for breathe worth it, as bits of it were very STEEP. As you might expect we opted for the easier route down 😉.

We had initially planned  to watch the sunset once we got to the peak. The hazy weather made it impossible but nonetheless I had the best climbing company.

At some point it was raining and the wind was howling across the mountain 🌧🌬. I hope I do get a chance to visit when the sunshine is out ☀️☀️.

Some pretty spectacular views down the valley. Lots of sheep in sight too 🐑🐑🌲🌲⛰.

The obligatory summit photo 📸📷.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. – African proverb.

Thanks for being patient with me guys especially when I asked to stop more than once to catch my breath. I appreciate it 😊.

Tips for anyone thinking of climbing Pen y Fan or generally any mountain;

  1. Make sure to have good company with you.
  2. Check the weather forecast before your climb.
  3. Wear comfortable walking shoes and have a waterproof jacket on standby (because we all know how unpredictable the weather is in Wales!!).
  4. Have a good supply of WATER- hydration is key.
  5. Stay safe.

Heading back to the car park… ready to hit the road and stop over for some hot chocolate along the way.

Slowly but surely increasing my Welsh vocabulary.

Grosses bises,


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