I am not the best with introductions but here is my best go at it. I am an Engineering student and I am new to blogging, check out my very first post. I am still figuring it all out.. just like you. I want this blog to be an extension of me to you- a place to share, grow, learn and laugh.

I want to be more like Jesus .Wanting Him to really be my everything is my everyday number one goal.

I want to live enthusiastically and love widely and deeply without self-concerned fear of pain.

I prefer washing dishes to drying and packing clean dishes.


Three facts from the picture above.

1.I am Zambian

2.My hand is a little hairy (haha)

3.The cross equals love. If you want to find out more about this please check this  At the Cross post. Jesus Loves you!!

Well thats the best I can come up with  for now. I am so grateful you stopped by.

Grosses bises,



10 thoughts on “About

  1. Well that wasn’t a bad introduction at all Michelle. I’m pretty new at this too. I started in January and although I say new (still feels like it) it’s almost six months !! Not sure how that happened 😱

    Thanks for following my blog and as per my kindness clause I had to pop over and say hi 🙃

    Like your thought too so following I am 😊

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      1. No need to thank me Michelle…one thing my time here has taught me is that the people are brilliant. All over the world they are amazing….and that’s made me want to meet and follow blogs that help me learn new ways of thinking and about cultures…and gathering community of like minded people. Happy blogging to you too 😊

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